Parenting Coordination

Parenting Coordination

Parenting coordination is an alternative dispute resolution process that helps parents reduce conflict and improve communication so that the children can benefit from a more cohesive parenting structure. Counsel NOLA’s trained parenting coordinators may utilize several approaches with parents, including family assessment, education, case management, conflict resolution and decision-making to help parents implement, modify and comply with the parenting plan.  Our parenting coordinators are licensed in the field of mental health and understand the developmental needs of children. People choose parenting coordination over mediation or arbitration because they appreciate the clinical versus legal perspective we bring to the situation. We assist parents by providing:

  • Education about co-parenting and effective parental communication strategies.
  • Education about the psychological and developmental needs of the children.
  • Strategies to manage conflict and reduce the negative effects of conflict on children.
  • Facilitation of referrals to community providers when appropriate.
  • Collaboration with other professionals who may already be involved with the family.

When to consider contacting a Parenting Coordinator

Parenting Coordination services can be especially helpful when parents experience high-conflict and difficulty making child-related decisions, including when:

  • There are high rates of litigation, specifically concerning the implementation of a custody order, visitation or parenting plan.  The use of parenting coordinators can significantly reduce the financial demands and court burden of continued and frequent litigation.  
  • Mediation has not been successful or has been deemed inappropriate.
  • Parents need assistance developing, modifying or implementing their parenting plan.  Parents may choose to use these sessions to address issues of discipline, education, religious training, activities, medical care, involvement of extended family, and other issues particular to their family’s situation.
  • Parents have difficulty communicating information about their child(ren)’s welfare.  Parenting coordination sessions give parents the opportunity to improve their parenting relationship and address parenting concerns and problems in their communication.
  • Parents are unable to agree on substantive issues concerning their child.  Counsel NOLA’s parenting coordinators will work with both parents to create an individually tailored parenting plan, supported by best practice parenting approaches, in harmony with cultural and specific needs of your family.
  • There are complex child-related or family issues that require intensive case managing.  When appropriate, significant others or other family members may be included. 
  • A judge mandates parenting coordination.  We will work with your attorneys and the family court concerning your case as appropriate.  

Parent Coordination Fees

The fee for co-parenting is $150.00 per session. Payment is due at the time of service. Clients are seen by appointment only. Clients will be charged for appointments that are broken or canceled without 24-hour notice. There are additional fees associated with court appearances, including a $350 deposit to hold availability on your court date.

Counsel NOLA supports two ways in which families may choose to share responsibility for payment of the fees incurred during Parenting Coordination:  (1) one parent bears the total cost, and (2) both parents share equally in the total cost.  It is required that your coordinator receives written confirmation during the intake session determining which method of fiscal responsibility will be used in your case.